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How it Works
Mentform is a virtual mentoring platform, with the objective of helping students to get in touch with the corporate world.
Training and Mentoring
Mentform has a wide range of professionals and students, from different sectors and fields, ready to share experiences and to give you insightful feedback.
Communication is everything
There are many ways to approach Mentors in Mentform. Use credits to engage in conversations with these professionals, through calls or chat sessions.
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Call your new
Send your Mentor a call request, a description of what you want to talk about and a time range that suits your schedule. After that, wait for your Mentor's confirmation in Mentform and prepare for the learning experience!
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...Or message him!
In some cases, it might be easier to get in touch with your Mentor using Mentform's chat. Use it to keep your Mentor up to date and to share documents!
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Every credit counts
In order to engage with Mentform's Mentors network, you need to spend credits. You can always get more by participating in Mentform's activities or by buying them.
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